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Professional Life Coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on the actions you take toward the accomplishment of your vision, goals, and desires. Coaching uses the process of inquiry and discovery to build your level of awareness and responsibility. 

Coaching provides you with structure support and feedback. The emphasis is on you as a whole person to produce action, fullfillment, more balance and better processes for better living. 



  • Strategy is for more than  business, foreign policy, war, sports and games. 
  • Your Life matters enough to have a clear strategy. 
  • Adopt the steps of effective strategy creation and apply them to your life.  




  • Wish you were less reactive to others and situations? 
  • Stressed from work/life pressures? 
  • Want more meaningful relationships?
  • Feeling loss of motivation and confidence? 



  • Concerned about aging symptoms?
  • Need more energy and endurance?
  • Believe you can be better do better and want the best practices?

Note: Master coaches understand the distinction and balance between being and doing



  • A Professional In Your Corner, Dedicated To Your Success


    A professional coach is highly trained in the best practices for creative thinking and helping you move forward.  Think about some of the better known teachers such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Steven Covey, Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Deepk Chopra. These are leaders in the field of human performance and a fraction of those whose knowledge I integrate into the coaching conversation.


    Have you ever  had someone sit down with you, take some time with you to understand everything that your'e interested in, everything that you're aligned with: your passions, your ambitions, your dreams, your relationships, your situation, your achievements, the key people in your life, your history…


    Sit down with you and understand all of that and then get to the bottom of what you really care about the most and what you want to focus on in your life…


    And then support you in every step of the way, strategize ways to help you get exactly what you want in life? That is what I do as a Coach.



  • Accountability Partner


     There's hardly anything more motivating than making a commitment to an important person in your life.  Your integrity is on the line.  You have to be willing to show up to make the commitment.  Once you've made the commitment there is a deep experience of importance and urgency to follow through. 


    Accountability is the report you make on your action.  Perhaps most important in the coaching relationship is your accounting.  The accounting is more important than the action.  Life has a way of interfering  with our commitments.  There is no shame or wrongness in that. 


    Reporting is the feedback to you to help you examine your efforts, your challenges and your evaluation of your choices. Again, being accountable is a practice to "show up" in your life.  

  • Activate Your Creativity


    When there is a listener for what you have to say, a phenomenal process begins. Your mind gets turned on in a unique way.


    A dear friend of mine from Toastmasters used to say to guests at meetings, "What I love most about Toastmasters is I get to stand up, speak, and hear what I'm thinking." 


    Thinking aloud with a listener, turns on a feedback loop, that is miraculously enlivening to your mental creativity. It is so powerful you can even do it with a audio recorder.


    This effect alone is worth hiring an expert listener. 


  • Clarity, Focus, Motivation


    What would you being doing with more clarity,  focus,  and motivation?

    Seriously,  answer this right now; write it down. 


    What is your purpose; what are your top 5 values; and what actions have you defined to act on your purpose and values?   


    The bottom line benefit of a coaching relationship is Clarity, Focus, and Motivation!


  • New Perspectives and Updated Skills


    If you watched the intro video at the top of this page, and I hope you did, you saw that one of the powers of coaching is getting to a new perspective, a new level of thinking. 


    The most current, leading edge thought in human performance optimization is based on new perspectives and enhancing skills.  They go together.  


    This is the transition from "growing up" to "waking up."  There is nothing new about elevated states of consciousness. That is an endeavor as old as recorded history. 


    However, still relatively new for the masses is the shift from psychological health to achieving new states of consciousness. This is the "frothy edge" of optimal human performance.


    Hard technology, biology, biochemistry, neurocardiology, genomics, proteomics, consciousness studies, flow states, and spirituality are collapsing into an integrative field of knowledge.   


    These are the new horizons to be better and do better.   



30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Prepaid monthly coaching plans are covered by my 30 day

Happiness” Guarantee."


If at the end of the first 30 day period, if you are not completely satisfied with the coaching, I will return 100% of your fees.


I expect for you to put in your best effort and complete your commitments.

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